Ciao Friends.

Long time since I last wrote you a couple of words. Time has flown away as always and the shorter days and longer nights are really taking the most out of you. But finally today the snow started to fall down. It is so beautiful. Sparkling snowflings instead of black dark raindrops.

Of course I must start telling that I was one of the riders in this years World Endurance Championship that achieved 6th place in total!!! Together with my team NO LIMITS from Italy. I am really proud of the team and of course of my own riding. It is always nice to reach the goals.
Well done to all the members in NO LIMITS and riders also.

Yesterday I wrote on the web, that the team STIGGY Motorsport from Sweden calls it a day!! That is sad. But true. It is a shame that the world finances has make them to quit racing in the future at the World level of WSBK and WSS.

Kimi Räikkönen, the Finnish F1 driver, quits Formula One and goes for World Rally instead!! Wow! I admire that. Hopefully he will show the people how good his is as a profession driver. Almost 17 million Euros from Ferrari in payment for not riding in F1 is also pretty good.
Good luck to you Kimi.

I lost my best friend a couple of months ago. Rossi, my lovely little dog had to walk away from me at just 2 years age to the better place of earth. Heaven or hell, who knows? Are we living in hell and longing for heaven after death or is it the other way round? I am not sure, but the loss of Rossi made the days a little bit darker for sure.

In just a weeks time it is Christmas and in two weeks it is the beginning of a new year. Yeah, fuckin´hell, I am really looking forward to turn the page and start a new chapter. No waste of looking back, just keep looking forward and still have high hopes and aiming high in the future.

Final words are taken from WASP and the song “The Headless Children”

“Father come save us from this Madness we are under. GOD of creation are we Blind? Cause some here are slaves that worship Guns that spit thunder.
The Children that you have made, have lost their minds!!”

See you all in 2010!!