Finally I am on the way to Le Mans for the first practice of the year together with my team No Limits. What else can I tell you except that this is what I have been missing for a while now.
If you once have been a racer than it is in your blood. Even if you sometimes have thoughts about doing something else in your life, it is not that simple to quit racing. You just have to watch a race on Eurosport and your blood is boiling again and you are thinking of all those wonderful moments all the racing has given you.

I am quite sure about that I will do really plenty of laps in these few days in Le Mans. I think my team has to drag me off the bike if they want me to stop.
Just to be out there and do one more lap, and one more, and one more is awsome. Everytime you are searching for the ultimate lap, and everytime you are almost there, but some small error somewhere or missing the ideal line with some inches in some corner makes you go an other round. And you have been searching for that all your time as a racer.
It is the same for everyone. Rossi has the same problem. But maybe he is a little bit faster?! Anyway he is also searching for the perfect lap to go even faster.

Now it is only some hours left before my flight goes from Stockholm to Paris. I will have to quit and make all the last minute arrangements.

See you soon.
Ciao / Christer