In just less than two weeks from now, there will be the first test with my new team No Limits at Le Mans in France. All the EWC teams will join, or at least most of the teams will be there. I am really looking forward to meet my team and teammates and most of all the swing my leg over the Gixxer I will ride this year.

The first day will be for getting used to the bike, make all the important adjustments for us riders so we are pretty familiar with the bike and can handle it well. Than on, we will try to learn the track and get used to it again. I rode there in 2006 last time, so I think I now how it turns.
On the second day I suppose we will work with setup on the bike and maybe test some different tyres. I really like this kind of work. Development that makes us go quicker on the track and hopefully even with a less amount of bodywork on the bike.

Last week I made my first motorcycle trip on roadbikes. The trip went from Stockholm Sweden, through Germany, Belgium, Nederlands to France and Calais. It was a work for the leading Swedish motorcycle Magazine BIKE. All in all we rode 3500 km in six days. The temperature was around +1 to +5 most of the time. And yes it was pretty cold even for us who lives up near the north pole! 😉

My training schedule seems to work quite well and at the moment I am running at least 3 times a week, plus at least 1,5 hours of walk with Rossi every day. And above this I also will try to get at least some riding with the endurobike before season starts.

See you soon again!
Ciao / Christer