Jämsä in Finland has been the place last weekend for my first test of the year 2009. The little town in Finland is placed between Tampere and Jyväskylä. It was really great fun to be there even if the temperature was -19 C in the morning. But it rised later on in the day. 
The test was about finding the best endurobike in 2009. Different categories, two stroke, four stroke and different cc. From 250 to 450.
All the bikes where naturally equipped with spiketyres for use on the snow and ice.

I also made a debut in a KIA car. Hmm, the rental company had no other one to give me for the lowest price possibly, so I had to spread my wings and get some new inputs. The carcompany has a quite long way to go, to reach the premium standards. Specially on icy winterroads. The car was moving around all the time when I was driving. In higher speeds it became even worse and almost frightening to drive.

At the moment back home I am a little bit of worried about Rossi. Not Vale, but my eyestone, my little dog. He is not feeling well at the moment you can see and we are waiting for some test results for finding if there is any bad problems accored to him.
Life sucks at the moment. I don´t fucking really care about wars in middle east etc, but when an animal is feeling ill and can´t tell you about what is wrong, than it hurts right in the heart. He is lying in the sofa beside me at the moment and looks at me with his sad eyes. 
If there is a damn God, than show me a sign! 

The other Rossi has a new personal sponsor. Monster! They are paying him 3 miljon Euros for this sponsorship. That is not that bad…

It is less than two months left now for the new WSBK season to start. Great!

See you / Christer