Yes! Masimilliano Biaggi is declared as Aprilias WSBK rider number uno for 2009 and 2010! That was one of the best news so far this year. Remember that he has won three of his four world titles together with Aprilia in 250cc. Hopefully they will go on in great style again and win some more world titles.

If there is any team in the world who knows Biaggi and his way of doing things both on track and off track, than it must be the worksteam of Aprilia. They have shared a lot of happiness and success together and I am sure they will do it again.
I am already looking forward to follow next years WSBK.

Yesterday I were out in the nearby forest and toke a ride with my endurobike. It was a fantastic autumday with sunshine and great colours. I had a real great time sliding and wheelieing everywhere and did not even made a single crash.
Yes, I often crash on my endurobike, but not yesterday. Maybe I am getting older and doesn´t dare to push the limits anymore 😉 Or maybe I had just a lucky day in the sunshine.

In 20 minutes the first heat of Vallelunga WSBK goes off and I better stop writing to you and grab a seat in the sofa instead.

See you! / Christer

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