What is really happening at the global financial market? Things ain´t looking too good at the moment, that is for sure.
In the greatest country in the world ( if they say it them selves ) US and A, the financial crises goes on and deeper every week. Big old well known banks get bankrupcy and insurance companies also. The FED has to help the rest of them to bread just for surviving some more months or weeks. Puh, I would not like to be US next president and try to sort things out in the future, that is for sure.

In the east. The great old bear woke up for a while, but got suddenly hitten right between the eyes. The stock market has had to shut down for two days, because of the total collapse on the stockmarket. The Moscow finacial market is most about oil, gas and minerals. And at the moment prices are falling quick in those markets. This makes it all very turbulent.

The big question is…… What will happend in Europe? Are we safe here? I don´t think so. We will be in the same shit in a short while.
But that is one thing. The other thing is, what will those great leading countries do for getting back in right direction again?

All this leads to something in my mind. How difficult will it be to find sponsors for racing in the future? The first thing companies do when worse time appears is to close the sponsorbudget. Of course new partners will climb up instead of those old ones and people need some recreation and something else to free their minds to.
So I think the racing will go on anyway, but with some changes on the logos.

Sports and music make people survive when bad times are around them. So I will be longing for the next RAMMSTEIN album to land in the musicstores. Some new, fresh German quality music that make the blood rush in the veins.

By for now:

/ Christer