I have been reading that the superrider in AMA series Mat Mladin from Australia has been disqualified from the latest races, due to some illegal stuff with the camshaft. That is too sad, because the interesting duells between Mat and his rival Ben Spies about the championship now seems to be spoiled for Mat. If the jury definitly finds him and his team gulity, than Ben Spies will take his third in a row title in the AMA Superbike series.
  Both Mat Mladin and Ben Spies has dominated the series totally with their Yoshimura prepared American Suzuki Gixxers. Nobody else has not even been near to threaten them for the title or even for some single race. Quite strange actually! Are they so much better than the rest of the field or are their bikes so much better?
  The names like Ben Bostrom, Neil Hodgson etc are not even near to challenge these two boys for victories.

This weekend it is time again for the continuing battle in MotoGP. I cross my fingers for some more nice duells between Rossi and Stoner.

See you!


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