In my last blog i wrote about a job to do last weekend. I must tell you that the work was brilliant. It was an other testriding project for the Swedish leading racemagazine BIKE.
I and Magnus ( big boss at the Mag ) went to Gotland and visited the Gotland Ring racetrack. Our purpose was to find out which of Suzuki GSXR 750 and Ducati 848 is the best bike for roadbikers to use both on track and on roads.
We spent the whole day pushing both bikes to the maximum for what tyres were able to give us and of course the feeling of the bikes in pushed situations at fast speed. It was great fun all day long.
The fun thing is that we almost missed the ferry in both directions! First on the way to Gotland, because of the fucking traffic situation in Stockholm. For a farmer boy like me it is difficult to plan for driving 3 km in one hour! Instead of 100 km per hour. So I was quite late to Sthlm and from there we took those bikes and went….. quite fast towards the ferry. We made it anyway and all was safe.
On the way home from Gotland we ate some really nice breakfast at the hotel and that made us really late again for the ferry. And above all that the policemen stopped us for checking our licenses and taking some alcoholtest also. My license were in the rucksack and we were in a hurry so the nice looking police woman looked at my face and belived my words and let me go on without showing her my license. That made us to reach the ferry by just two minutes marginal.

Do you think the beautiful 848 Ducati was the best bike? Mmmm, I can tell you, but than I have to kill you. So I think it is better to wait some more weeks and buy the next no of the BIKE magazine.
But both bikes were actually really nice. In different ways.

Rossi did it again at Mugello. Fantastic. Stoner were second. Good improvement from Ducati. Lorenzo did his first real mistake this season by crashing on overtaking. Shame.

My friend Frendy has also bought a new bike. A KTM 950 Adventure. Congrats for that. The summer will send us for some trips around Sweden and Scandinavia.

That is all for today.
See you / Christer