Time to say goodbye to the past and look forward to the future.
Sun is shining and the rain has been far away for a couple of days. That is briliant!
Working all days long has been on my schedule and will be for the next coming months. Superb. Earning money instead of spending it. That is what life is about.
This week has had taxidriving from Monday till Wednesday. Tomorrow Thirsday I will go to Borlänge for some more tractordriving. On Fridayevening I will go on with next project at the big island Gotland. Stay there till Sunday, than back home again for changing clothes and than back to Borlänge again. And like this it will continue I hope.
And between all working I will do some motorcycling also. Some racing but a lot of testing and riding on the streets just for fun.
I think I am starting to see the light infront of the tunnel now. The past is yesterday and I am looking for tomorrow.

My friend Mats is at the moment on the Isle of Man doing the 101st TT. And he is doing well. What else can you expect from a guy like him?! 5th fastest yesterday in practise!! That is brilliant for a hobbyrider like him…… I wish him all the best over there of course and will be happy to meet him back in Sweden with both his feet on the ground.

It was quite a long time ago since I last wrote about the stockmarket. Yes, I know I lost some money in it this winter, but now I am back again. Full of confidence and some more visdom hopefully. At the moment I have invested some money in oil of course. When all the citizens suffer for high oilprices and fuelcosts, than somebody else make a big profit on that. And I want to be a part of it and make some earnings together with Lundin Oil, Tanganyakan Oil, West Sibirian, PA Resources etc. And I am still crossing my fingers for Morphic Technologies and their future projects in wind, air, pulposion, fuelcells. Future technologies.

I have even rised my visions and are trying to look further in the future. And it doesn´t look completely dark. There are some bright spots and I am trying to orientate towards them and use my fighting spirit to get the best of everything.
People that steal energy from me or gives me negative energy has better to fuck off and go somewhere else. I have spent some years now with some of them and it gives you……….. nothing but grey hair and bad economy.

This weekend it is Prosbk at Gelleråsen in Karlskoga. I am not watching. But I will watch MotoGp from Mugello Italy and WorldSBK from US on Sunday. Yeah, that will be great both of the races.

Now I will wish you all a great week and weekend and talk to you soon again.
Regards / Christer