Ok. I have been watching a lot of racing on TV this weekend. Live broadcast from Le Mans 24h, Live ProSbk from Knutstorp and Live British Sbk from Thruxton.

Knutstorp and the first round of the Swedish Sbk was not much of fun watching. Papunen, made the start, went away quickly, had a 3 sec gap. Then tyres went off after 8!!! laps. How is that possible?? 8 fucking laps! Was it a qualtyre? In EWC racing we run for 60 min with quite good grip in the tyres. He did only 8 min! Anyway. He fell down to 3rd and Alexander Lund won before Jan Hansson. Really boring race to watch.

It went a far bit quicker on Thruxton in Brittania. Unbeliveble racing. Two wheel slides almost everywhere and tough racing. And sunny weather in England. Fantastic.

Le Mans 24h. As usual the SERT Suzuki bikes were 1st and 2nd. But both of them had two crashes each during the night and the rain. My friends in Maco had a hard race. Stanton crashed the bike in Saturdaymorning warmup and the mechanics had hard time to repair it before 3pm and the start of the race. After 6h the engine went hot and they had to change radiator. In the night they had further problems with electrics on the bike and finally in early morning they had to retire due to those problems.
My other friends in Phase One also had a hard time but they finally managed to reach the chequered flag after 24h in 12th place. But they also had two crashes in the night and rain. I think they did quite a good race anyway and by following the livetiming my friend Cudlin rode really well all hours long. And of course James Haydon also. The ex MotoGp, Sbk, SSP rider.
Rumors also told me that their third rider packed the bags and went home even before the race started. Why? Because he crashed the no1 bike in his qualification and did not get a spare bike to continue with. The team were happy with the times he had done and did not want him out anymore. But he wanted that for practise. And when he didn´t get any more possibility to ride, he packed his bag and left Le Mans…….

Also great results of no99 Acropolis Moto. Congratulations! Fantastic with 3rd place. In 6th place RMT 21 from Germany. Congratulations also to them and well done Tommy. ( Tommy was my teammate in Maco last year ).

After all the racing on Telly today, I find my own way to get rid of all the adrenalin. I took a 2hour ride with my endurobike in the swedish forest.

Ciao / Christer