This weekend the 24h EWC is oncoming at Le Mans Bugatti Circuite. I will follow the race Live on Eurosport and see how “my” old teams and teammates will do.
It will be interesting to watch out Macoracing from Slovakia with two worldchamps onboard. My old teammate Warwick Nowland and the american boy Jason Pridmore. Both of them has also been riding for british Phase One.
Phase One will also have my eyes watching out for them. It will be quite hard to sit infront of the plasma TV and watch the race as a spectator, but my dreams are still alive for EWC. Maybe some of the riders crash and hurt them selves or perhaps are too slow for the team. And then I will be there again!!!

The Swedish ProSuperbike series starts on Sunday at Knutstorp Ring. And guess?! I don´t care! It will be broadcasted Live on some swedish television chanell, can´t even remember which one. Who will win??? I think one of the guys with the biggest wallets..!

I am missing a lot of things. For example my friends from the glorious days of racing in Scandinavian Open. Names like, Pier, Jensen, Greven, Sköld, Havnen, Maikkola, Johansson. Then racing was fun and equal. And all of us guys could make a barbeque together on Saturday night before raceday. Playing Football, ( soccer for you american bastards ), and share something to drink. No, not alcohol for me. Yes, some of the others drank a beer or two. It was really fun days of racing.
All this sounds like in the 60´s for you??! I can tell you that it was just some years ago, like 2003-2005.
At present time everything is different. It is just business that counts. Racing is a biproduct. The important thing is to look great in the paddock. Have the flashiest car and truck. Biggest tents and sweetest teamclothing with the nicest umbrellagirls you can find. My problem with all this is that the sporting thing is not the most important. I am a fighting winner, or at least used to be. But now I have to fight for so much around racing just for eventually be able to race some laps. And that is not fun. Racing is about fun in my life. It has costed me a hell lot of money through the years. Also my girlfriends money and most of all my parents money. All this just for letting me having fun and win races and become champion!! It all gave us some excitement and thrill.
Some years ago something happened and the fun changed to obligations and stress and disappointments. All the joy were lost and paying all the money we have done for not even having the smallest amount of fun when racing, is not what it is worth. Things change.
Years ago I could do whatever it takes to been able to ride because it gave me good vibrations. Those are gone. And you don´t fight yourselves to death for not having fun!!

See you.
Viva Camorra, Ciao