Just back into the nice heat inside the appartement, from a long days work out in the Swedísh cold april weather. Snow, rain, winds. And to all this temperatures near freezing point. Things like this aint what we are ment for.!
This week and the last also, I´ve been working at a project for one of the biggest Energydistributors in Sweden, Fortum.
I am hoseholding by a friend Tosse in the weeks and there is a lot of racing in our conversations both at work and afterwords.
But at the moment I am feeling really weak. Think I´ve got the flu oncoming. Better to drink some orangejuice and eat some really strong kebabpizza, to quicker get rid of it again.
“Now, If you hate it, you have better fight it back” Intelligent words… by Accept.
You can put them into almost everything and get a meaning out of it…..

See you guys.
Cheers / Christer

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