Dear Mr & Mrs

What is happening in the world at the moment? The situation is far from good at the moment and it is difficult to find something showing a turnaround in the distance.
The earthclimate is one of the biggest news everyday on TV. Have we, the homosapiens let the greed take overhand for so long that mother earth has beggining to pay back!? Or is it just normal climatechanges that comes and goes for periods? I am not man enough to tell you, but sometimes I am starting to wonder.
The human greed for money, power and glory makes us to do things that I don´t think the big creator meant us for. We kill brothers for money just to get richer ourselves. Your neighbour belives in God, but not in the same one as you do, so lets kill him or at least force him to belive in your God instead. Because this is the right thing to do. Or if you are a big country on the otherside of the atlantic ocean you maybe can occupy some foregin country just for helping them to be democrated like us! Yeah, if you are lucky you may even find some bombs or other explosives and than you can pleed your guilt by blaming you are doing it for the name of 9/11 and terrorists. And when soldiers die and people get killed nobody even sees whats happening in the background. American companies takes the control of the black gold called Oil. Years after when the oil has dried out from the caves underground another islamic religious country has started to threaten you and its time for a new round of democracy! Crazy fucking world… No, it is not, it is just you and me who has to open our eyes and start watching with them. And stop listening to all the bullshit media and gouvernment are telling us everyday. Because they are not doing it for our best as they want us to think. It is just their own greed that speaks. And as long as they can make us belive they are working for our best and we accept that, they will go on. Banks, gouvernment, politicians, ensurancecompanies etc are NOT working to help us to a better life! They need to make bigger earnings and you are their customer and you get fooled everyday! Sad but true. And stop being so naiv, start using your few braincells and get rid of the system. Or do at least something different and be proud over yourself.
I am not saying you should make a revolt, but start thinking and see what you are into and see how the world looks around you.
You have right to the free speach every 4th year!! In most of the modern countries. After that its better to shut up and do what you are told. If you are not doing that you are not a great citizen and authoroties need to use harder methods to make you now your own best. If your tounge talks to much or your fingers write to “free” on your website, than somebody soon will give you a phonecall and tell you to stop. And your internet provider suddenly stops your webpage from working. But without telling you the true, just blaming on some technical error. Because they are also afraid of the dark, I mean the Controling Authoroties nearby you.

Oh, I am just longing so very very much for racing motorcycles again after a real messy winter in Sweden. Please let me just switch my brain off and put the helmet on and open the throttle again! It makes me live!!!!!!

Christer Miinin
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