My fingers and brain are screaming for some work to do, so I just must capture and let them win, and once again write to you guys out there in the world.

The brain goes in loops all the time and plays some pictures for my eyes. And it is pictures from the season 2006.

2006 season when I rode for Brittish Phase One was a great season. Specially now some years after when my brain has settled down and figured out all the good things and the bad ones.
In general the overall was superb. The season gave me a lot of experience that I could carry on with in my life, both on track as a more experienced rider, but also a great inview of the big racing world and how it works.
On track we worked hard in the team to find a superb setup for every race and my ridercollegeus Warwick Nowland and Damian Cudlin were some really great guys to work with.
The teammanager Russel Benney was….. a good nice man. He has been in this racing world for a long time and I can only admire his burning will to keep going on.
The best races was with no doubt Suzuka 8hrs and Osch 24h! Japan was fantastic and just to have ridden on the famous Suzukatrack is worth dying for. And Osch in Germany was great because I did my best ever performance in that race. In the morning session when it started to rain I was the fastest man on track by far and that helped us to grab the 3rd place in the race. And I will never forget those memories when I went down the straight infront of the pit and saw Russel waving with both arms, wanting to slow me down! He did not know that it was my dreamscenario on track. Slick tyres and just some small raindrops. If you trust the tyres and have heat in them you can go really really fast, and I did that.
After my double 2h stint Russel came to me and told me that he has never been so nervous in his life. He was 100% sure that I would crash the bike and let the team down. And instead I made progress all the time on track and was riding faster than anybody else! That is for sure one of my greatest memories from track and I will save all those good feelings it gives me everytime I think about it.

Off track the season learnt me what I did not want to learn about. The racingworld has a backside also and it is not always as glamouros as it looks from the spectators view. There is always a lot of different strange things going on and it takes a hard man to survive in the business. You must, I really mean, you must be a tough businessman if you are gonna make success and stay on the rostrum. I am looking at my self and I admit that I was not prepared for that world. My personallity with beeing nice and friendly with everyone was the completely wrong way to go if you are gonna make money in the business. You will only lose money that way. You must be tougher and walk over other people, that is the world of business that I am no adays trying to learn. It is like war. Only the strong survive and it is just a utopia to even think that the world is equall to all of us. It is not! You have to fight everyday for your bread and butter and the rougher you are the better you will get moneywise. Not friendlywise though, but you can not pay bills with your friends, only money does that!! Sad but true!

One day I will be back in the international business but then I will be prepared to the thing and know the rules………….. and be one of the winners.

Also want to say hello to all my supporters and friends out there.

/ Christer

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