Long time since I last wrote some intelligent words to you guys. But my life has not been worth writing about lately. Just some boring work from early morning to late nights. Sometimes in a cab as the fastest Swedish taxidriver and sometimes with installating air equipment or just some regular service on some millingmaschines.

Oh, yes, almost forgot. I have been to Spain and Calafat for some proper motorcycletesting together with the Swedish Magazine BIKE. We tested the new Fireblade, Gixxer, R1 and Ninja both on track and on regular roads. It was some really great days of sunshine and great motorcycleriding together with friends I like working with.
After that I went to Hemsedal in Norway for some great days of skiing. It was tremendous. A lot of snow and great sunshine. A few beers and a lot of fun from early morning till early nights. Yes, we were too tired after all the skiing for being able to party all night long. Or maybe it has with olderness to do. It´s hard to stay forever young!

In 2008 I will race Endurance Racing in Sweden and Finland with Troubleman Racing Team. It will be Mats Nilsson ( two times 2nd at Manx GP ), Pasi Andersen and me ofcourse. Our goal is………. what do you think? Top 5 or 10! fuck off. Winning is what it counts, everything else is a great disaster.

See you!

Best Regards
/ Christer

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