Dear Mr & Mrs

“God, what I hate the average, gotta nuke them all, go piss the accepted, screw them all, now if you hate it, you´ve got to Fight It Back”
That is the lyrics from Accept screaming out of my speakers at the moment. And why not? The weather in Sweden at the moment is showing its worst side. +7, rain, grey and it is a bloody Sunday when everything is closed. It had with religion to do. You know, God created the earth in seven days, and the Sunday was his the of rest and calm. Know some about twothousand years later we are about 6 billion people living that way!! Quite strange actually.

But anyway. What is going on? Not much at the moment. There are still no plans starting to grove in my brain. Will it be EWC? Who knows? Maybe some more racing in La Suede? Perhaps.
It would be damn great to pack the bags and go heading somewhere else.
IDM in Germany. Mmmm, maybe not. It is almost the same climate there as in Sweden………. Maybe AMA in US. The weather is nicer and if you put your feet down in Florida or southern California, then you can input more sunhours and for sure a greater temperature. Better climate for people in common. We are not created to live in darkness, rain and cold weather most of the time.
Hmm, wonder if I should make a phonecall to Arnold Schwarznegger?! Maybe he is interested in racing and can be my sponsor for racing in AMA SBK? Or perhaps Mat Mladin. Oh, jeah, his is down under for a few months now and will not be disturbed.
Niel Hodgson will be racing in AMA again in 2008. Maybe he wants some competition from Suezia?! I must figure out what to do to come over there and start living a proper life.

Imagine driving a Dodge Viper instead of a Volvo or a SAAB. Take a ride with your Fatboy Harley Davidson in the sunshine at route 66. Put your M16 maschinegun in your rucksack and stop somewhere outside the city and just blow off some eight magazines of ammo! Yeah, that is the American way of living. Go back on the bike again a few hours later and ride home again for watching the telly for some hours and listen to the drunken President in his speach to the country. Raise you fist into the sky and shout “YEAH, damn, we are the greatest country in the world” Drink some more Budweiser and eat some more Wendyburgers.
But the best of it all is that you are free to do all this and you should not be ashamed about it. Earn your money, get rich, be proud, have your rights, do your racing and life is fantastic.

Is this a dream or can it be reallity? You can not know that before you have tried it!! If there is a country left in this rutten world where you still can belive in “free speach, realising your dreams” than it must be America.

Take care of you and if there are someone out there from America reading my blogg. Please sign my guestbook an tell me the true about the greatest country.

Best Regards / Christer