Just three weeks left for the last race of the year 2007 in EWC in Qatar 8h.
It will be an interersting race on a new track for the series in EWC. Maybe someone can beat the fantastic SERT Suzuki team with their riders. Perhaps Kawa France can keep it together and take a win or maybe my old teammate Cudlin, now riding for YART Yamaha can take the first win for the year. For sure the YART team is one hell of a good team with fast riders, but they have had some bad luck this year.
My old team from last year Phase One will be there but I don´t think they will reach the podium in this race. The competition is hard and everything must work out really well in the pits during a race.
The Slovakian friends Maco Moto Racing will be there. I am not sure about their riders, but hopefully they can make a proper result.

For my own concern the season is over. I will not race any more races this season. It is time to sit back and start thinking about what will happend next season. What is my goal? Will I quit racing and get my self a proper job in some factory? Will I continue racing? And if, where should I try my wings? On national level or fight with those guys in international EWC level? Or maybe try something new in German IDM Superbike Series? Lot of thoughts and few answers! But one thing is for sure. It is better start thinking right now. Make some phonecalls and visit some friends and try to feel where the winds are blowing for season 2008.

Will there be anyone out there who still belives in my skill and performance and also have the needed money to make a proper deal for next year? Maybe! Maybe not. It is about marketing my own brand and convince them!!

This season was disastrous, specially if you think about my plans for winning the Swedish title in Sbk. It became a mess all of it. The reasons are many and I will write about them in my own book sometime in the future.
The EWC went wrong with my own team. Many reasons for that also, but later on I finally got the opportunity to ride for Maco Moto Racing and could prove for everyone out there that I still got the speed. It was also very nice for my confidence to get the opportunity and ride again at top level.

Now lets just see what happends and keep on visiting my website for more news.

Por Favor / Christer

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