After a lot of questions from people in Sweden, why I am not writing in Swedish in my blog, I had to make them happy and change my mind.
My thoughts were that I could write to the whole world at the same time if I wrote in english, but I couldn´t. So from now on I will write to you in both english and Swedish.

James Toseland won the WSBK Championship by 2 points before Noriyuki Haga! Congrats to James! You deserv the title and we are gonna miss you in WSBK next year. Your style and always 110% riding and your admitance to every single race will be missed from us all. But good luck in Moto GP in 2008.

My superidol Massimiliano Biaggi. You took Bronze in your debut in WSBK. Not too bad. But the sad thing is that nobody understands your professionalism both on track and off track. Hopefully you will find someone who sees what you are capeble to and gets you the money you are asking for and the backup you need. Because we would like to keep on seeing you in WSBK for plenty more years.
There is no one out there who can ride a bike like Biaggi does!! His supersmooth style is brilliant.

Moto GP from Australia next on the program next weekend. Casey Stoner is already worldchamp, but for sure he will do whatever he can home in Australia to make the crowd mad. Lets see if Vale Rossi can make some good result or if he has lost concentration on WRC instead.

See you soon!!
Regards / Christer