And one more week has gone in life. What has happend?
Some more enduro of course. Today it was a 6h ride in the Swedish forests. And I found some really interesting places well hidden behind trees and mountains! And no, I can not tell you about them, because then I will be in trouble with Swedish justice and military. But it gave me some feelings about what was going on in the cold war when Sweden had a Big enemy in the east, called Soviet Republic, nowadays Russia. Sweden is a Neutral country or was at least, so we had to have a pretty big army ourselves and not to trust the big Nato in case of emegency. Our army had many places hidden in the forrest and in our mountains just if the shit happened. Most of those places are nowadays sealed and gone, but there are still some very secret places for our nations safe. If you have open eyes and are travelling a lot on the roads you can learn to recognize some of those secret installations. Most of the people, never learn to find them or don´t even care about looking after them. But we are some people that are interested in military history and our eyes and ears are like radars, so sometime it get jackpot! But I have to keep it by my self, as the patriot I am 😉

Google Earth is a great tool to find interesting places around the world. Area 51 for 
Grozny, Murmansk, Rammstein AFB, are some others. 
But you can not use Google Earth for searching most of Sweden. The resolution is 
far to low.

There will still be some more weeks of riding before the snow comes so for sure it will be some more challenging adventure tours and maybe even some more interesting places to find. Some secret airfield, hidden radarinstallation for watching the surrounding airtraffic, army depots.

On the jobsite I have made some affairs on the stockmarket the last week. And yes, that is one of my other interests in life. I am too restless to have a proper job.
I made some affairs in Nokia, Morphic Technologies, C2Sat, Cybercom. The stockmarket is a little bit of up and down at the moment and the future direction is not clear. Oilprices, the economy in US and Asia are some other objects the analysts are trying to understand.
It will be to spend some 25 hours infront of the computer to see what happends and see if I can find some new interesting stocks to buy for a short period.

See you soon…….
Regards / Christer