Yippey Cayei, almost one week in great sunshine and really warm weather has done some great work to my body. I am feeling like a new person again.

Not even the DNF in the 24h Race at Boldor with Maco Racing are making me ill.

Sadly we had to end the race after only 7h of racing and from a top 14 position and as nr 3 in our class!! The engine cracked and there was nothing more to do.
I was the lucky guy on the bike and had to run for about 1 km with the bike to get it in to the pitbox.

I really must say that all weekend long everything was superb for the team. We found a great setup, had some nice tyres, and the all of us rode like Kings. And the best thing is none of us did not even crash one single time in all weekend!
I also put a new personal lap record to my books. 1.45,07! Mmm, more than 2 seconds quicker than I have ever ridden before round the Magny Cours track. And once again I was the fastest rider in the team 😉

The team is really really nice in all kind of ways and it would have been so great to have achieved a great result for them. But that is the world of racing. Sometime you win ( but it was a long time ago ) and sometime you loose. But the main structure is there in the team and if they just keep on working in the same direction in the future everything will be superb. And of course I am also happy to stay with them. They really have potentional to be a top level team.

Now I am back in the cold Sweden again and have -4C instead of the +28C it was in France. Just to forget everything and go back to work again for some more weeks and see what happends in the future.
There is still one more race to come in EWC at Qatar 8h. Who knows maybe I can be there and try even harder to achieve some proper results.

Over and out for now!
Cheers / Christer

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