Sorry for not updating as frekvently as I should have done. The real life has made me bussy for a while. A lot of work to do in the weeks to earn my needeble money for surviving. Have spent the last days and weeks in Sälen ( Swedish Mountains ) and working with a Tractor in the darkest woods. A nice change to my profession and it is so nice to be sitting alone in the tractor. Just me, the machine and the big mountains around me. Great!
The bad thing was that there was no internet connection nearby, so I could not update the webpage nor even read my emails!! Shit, that is hard. We are living in the 2100 century and the daily life requires access to things like this.
Till next time I will buy my self a Wireless GPRS Mobile Card to my Laptop.

On the racing scene it is only days left now for the legendary Boldor 24h EWC at Magny Cours in France. And I will ride again together with Maco Moto Racing.
Hopefully the weather stays dry and warm, because I would not like to have a replay of last years weather when it was raining every day. The surface on the track is so slippery in the wet so it becomes hazzard and gambling just to survive without crashing the bike.

Anyway don´t forget to watch the Live Coverage on Eurosport 15-16 of Sept with start at 14.30 CET.

Today Sunday I will go out for a ride on the endurobike for some hours. I just need to get up to speed again and get the adrenalin to wake up before leaving Sweden on Tuesday for visiting the frogeaters in France again.
The Autumn is here in Sweden and the leaves in the trees are getting more yellow for everyday now and the colours are becoming nicer everyday. The bad thing is naturally the even more unstable weather and that the temperature gets more chilly. Fu…k, I really hate freezing all the time and I am not looking forward to an other cold winter 🙁 It becomes harder every year to survive the winter, the cold weather and the dark period.
But for the moment the sun is shining and I have no more time left for you guys, must go out with the bike!

Thanks to all of you sponsors out there!!! And friends also of course
Spassiba / Christer

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