Just back home again after spending a couple of days on racetrack again.
This time in Swedish Championship in Karlskoga.
A nice first practise gave me 3rd position with my K3 Gixxer! But after the second qual I went down to totally 5th place. But anyway, happy with that and not that bad after all.
The race was redflagged after just one lap because of a startcrash and then restarted again. This time I was pushed aside into first corner and lost 4 places immediately and the race should be really hard.
I were fighting hard in 9th place and than 8th and was behind another local rider Crazy Mike for last 18 laps without any chances to pass him due to lack of power on the straights. Now I know how Rossi must feel fighting against Stoner!!
I finished 8th in the race. Am I happy? Of course not, but not that dissapointed either. I did whatever I could do and learnt some more stuff for the future. First choose right tyres, second make a good start, third…… I was beginning to write that I should try even harder, but I really did what I could today with the machinery I got. Sorry!
I would like to thank all the sponsors and friends that showed up at the race today!! Really nice meeting you all!!
Best Regards / Christer