Glad to report some positive news for you people out there in the world!
Last weekend held the 24h World Endurance Championship in Oschersleben Germany, and I was there riding for the superb team Maco Moto Racing from Slovakia.
It was the first time I rode for the team and I can not say anything other than they were some really nice guys to work with and we were also aiming for the same targets.
I rode together with Tommy Miksovsky from Chech Republik and Leroy Verboveen from Belgium.
We ended up in total 16th place and 6th in our class after 24h of racing!! That is not bad, after having two minor crashes and gearbox problems for the last 7 hours.
The Yamaha R1 we used in the race was a nice bike to ride but we were hoping for some better tyres from Dunlop, but could not get those. Tyres means a lot in racing and you will always have the best possible to ride on, but it doesn´t mean that you can have them anyway.
Mr Maco Kuzma and Ms Denise did a great work all weekend together with mechanics and brought us the best ever package to ride with.
I am glad at the moment to feel sore and tired of all racing, and it was the energyboost I have been looking for this season!!!
Now my energylevel has rised some couple of hundred percent! And that means I will win next round in Swedish Championship, no doubt.
And after that I am looking forward to the autumn with more international racing on tracks I love to be on!!!
And the warm welcome from all the people in different teams made me almost cry. It was so emotional to feel the atmosphere and talk to the people I have been missing so long. Both old friends and new.
Will keep on in positive style now for the last of my life and keep on fighting for reaching the goals I am aiming for in life.
Best Regards and kisses to you all!! / Christer

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