The problems with my computer still accour. The outgoing e-mail will not work as it should do. Everything is checked thousands of times. I have been talking to the internet provider, checking the setups, double checked the settings of the firewall and the antivirus program. Puhh, I just want it to work so I can do my work with my computer and not just spend all my time on checking error messages.

Yesterday I were riding and suspension instructor at Gellerasen. It was a real nice day at work with plenty of riders from all of Sweden. Not a lot of crashes and everybody seemed to have fun out on the track riding their motorcycles. And I enjoyed riding my old K3 GSXR once again.
It is really funny actually. The bike is unchanged since 2003 season which I won in Superbike. Than I won the championship in 2004 and 2005 again with the same bike! I really think I must love that one really much.

There is a lot of things going on in the background at the moment. Of course you will never know if everything can fell out at the best, but it seems quit interesting at the moment. In a short while there will be some trips and visits and some important phonecalls. I will cross my fingers and really work hard for making it come true so he positive aura once again gets stronger than the negative that has been around me for a while.

See you later friends and regards to you all.
/ Christer