Last weekend held the traditional 6h endurance race at Gelleråsen in Karlskoga.
And of course I was joining the event. Once again with the guys Ploppen and Tosse on their GSXR1000 K5.
We qualified in second place beaten by just 0,1 second.
I took the first session and went away in good speed together with Kim J and Peter L and Jimmy L. After about ten laps it was only Jimmy and me left in the leading group. We set off in a really fast pace and had some real fun chasing each other around the track. After 45 min Jimmy went into the pits for his change of rider, but I stayed out for another 40 min! My lead for our team was almost 1,5 laps before it was time to hand over the bike to Plóppen.
Ploppen did what he should do and we were in the lead for almost 3 hours before our braking problems stopped us from winning or even keep going on.
We had to quit the race due to brake failure. Shame but that is racing.
Anyway, all the guys in the team were really fantastic and I really enjoyed racing together with them once again. ( Thank you guys!! )

I have started to think a lot about the future and what I will aim for in the 2008 season. The season 2007 is by far my worst ever racing season, so what ever happends it can hardly be worse!
Will it be an other attempt in the ProSuperbike series in Sweden? Will it be comeback once again into World Endurance Championship? Or maybe something completely different? I will tell you as soon as anything comes to reality, but at this moment I am just making plans in my head. I know what I want and I know what I have been dreaming of for a long time in life, so just keep on watching my blog in the future and you will find out!!

“Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true! “

Regards / Christer

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