I am just back from some hours of practise at Gelleråsen my hometrack in Karlskoga. And no! I did not run with my own racebike, actually I made a job for an other team in the endurance championship here in Sweden. It is going to be a race on Saturday and they had some big problems with their handling with the bike so I helped them this morning.
Gelleråsen is a bad place to race on if your suspension is not working properly. I changed everyhing for them so it became a completely different bike to ride, but hopefully to the better for them.

I will race there by my self on Saturday but with which team I dont really know at the moment. It can be on Suzuki, Yamaha or something else. I dont really care, I just need to go out and win. Simple.

Yesterday I were on a enduro mission for some hours. I took a map and went off into the forest and find some path to follow. And then another one, and another again and so on. Finally I popped up some 55 km from home in another town. It was good fun and a really nice day of practise.

Today later on I will probably rebuild my frontfork on the K7 GSXR and see if there will be some progress or not. If not, than it will be parked rest of the season.

BIKE Magazine in Sweden put up some really nice pictures from the Isle of Man today. Mmm, it gave me good feeling to watch the pictures.
Now some weeks after the event it really feels emazing to have done such a project as it was.
I can not even think about what else can bring your adrenalin to rush in your vains like Isle of Man does. It is awful to go “flat out” in sixth gear over crests and let the motorcycle take air under you and land some 30 meters later with some great wobble on your handlebars.

2008 is not that far away now! One thing is for sure. That is the future and yesterday is history. I have to learn from the history and bring it with me into the future and make it as good as possible.

Time to start the endurobike again for an other discovery somewhere……..

Regards / Christer

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