Back again home after almost one week of vacation. Have been on a trip with road motorcycles up north in Sweden and Norway. It was a great time to relax and just let the head off from this years racing season.
The weather was superb and the trip could not have been better in any way.
The rain that has fallen down in southern of Sweden did not reach us and we could go sightseeing everyday.
What will happend in the future? Who knows?
We are still working with the frontfork on the K7 Superbike, but it is still some distans to go to reach the goal, so to say. I have been testing some other bikes on Gelleråsen to compare against my racebike and for sure the problems is in the front.
Hopefully we can arrange something for the three oncoming races on Gelleråsen.
4h endurance race, European Championship and later ProSuperbike.
For the 4h endurance race I can ride with someother team, no problems, but for those following races I need my own bike.
I will see what we can do…….. It would be nice to rejoin the tracks again and go winning again. I am really missing that sweetness 🙂

Regards / Christer