“Don´t talk to strangers, cause they are only there to do you harm, don´t dream of women cause they only bring you down. Don´t let them in your mind!”( Ronnie James DIO )
Today was one day with lots of creativity.
A ride with a BMW M6! Gave a lot of inspiration.
A meeting with two guys about top secret future plans.
Some new events on the list to sell for partners and sponsors.
My mother has bought a new cellularphone and she has learnt to write SMS!!! I am so fuc….ing proud of her. ( Du är bäst mamma ! )
On Sunday we will do some work in the workshop with frontforks and see if we can solve problems and get closer to a rideble bike. Monday some testing on track.
Tomorrow Friday will give an other day at work, Eurosport with MotoGP Qual from Assen. Trying some clothes for PR stuff and designing new logos for my company.
Yesterday I had a e-mail conversation with one of the best persons in the business of brakes! He knows all about that stuff and the company he works for is the leading one in the racing world with riders in GP, WSBK and everywhere else. He gave me so much information of what to do to get those brakes to work properly on my bike. Mmm, I like him very much.
The status of the team is as follows. Terje is still in Slovakia with his family swimming and drinking beer probably. Pier is working with…. everything. He has so much energy that guy. Digging, building, reparing, testing, working, yeah everything really. Matte is working with K6 Fagersjo bike to rebuild it again. Hard work and long evenings. Eilert is washing his Porsche GT3 and his Dodge Challenger Convertible for this weekends exhibition in Karlskoga. And finally Torvald the webmaster is on his way out on the lake Vänern, the biggest lake in Sweden with a boat.
My friend Mats has now only about 50 days more to wait before he will be back on the Isle of Man once again and this time for winning the Manx GP! I am sure he will win the Jr class by great margin and maybe even the Sr class. The Sr allows 750cc, but Mats only has a 600cc, so it might be a little bit harder. But he is determined that man……. and a hell of a good friend!

“Too many slaves in this world, die by torture and pain. Too many people do not see, they are killing themselves, going insane. Too many people do not know bondage is over the human race, they belive that slaves allways lose, and this fear keeps them down” ( Accept “Balls to the wall” 1983 )

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