Por Favor!
Mucho Grasias, to Casey Stoner Moto GP Ducati! If you are looking for someone who has done their homework well to this season, than it must be Ducati and Casey Stoner. The bike was launched last autumn and they knew what they had to do. And the rider himself. So determined. Not even the great Vale Rossi The Doctor can get him out of balance. In the beginning people said it was because of the ultra fast bike Casey won, but now he has won 5 times in 8 rounds. And at different tracks and conditions. I am almost dropping a tear on my pillow, when I think of the success from both Ducati and from Stoner himself.
Of course this is a total opposite of my own success, or lack of success maybe is a correct word. Nothing is working and I can not blame on God or the Devil or bad luck or shit like that. Because you create your own destiny, and through hard work you get success, not through luck. Ok, sometimes lucky circumstances helps you on your way reaching your goals, but you are the main factor for your own success.
And this year 2007 has been hard. Our bike is not well prepared. The bike arrived lately, we are still in need of parts and some other projects has taken time from the Swedish Championship. You can not expect to go out winning against the quickest riders your country can offer, if you have not done your homework before. And I have not done that well enough. I put to much trust in what people always promise and my stupied brain belived those nice words from their mouths. Now, you can see what the result is. Disaster. One more time, I have been hit by the axe for putting my life into other peoples hands. It does not work, and will never work out for me. If I want something in my life, I can only reach those dreams or goals by hard work and total control. I can not for a single minute relax and think that everything works out by itself. It will not. Just look at the world around you! Is it a dreamworld? Is everything working daily without problems or things you must correct? No, not for me at least. I can not even make a address change when moving without everything getting messy and all my post disapears to who know where?
Sad but true.
Now I need to go back to hard work again for first, earning my money, second, solve all problems with my racebike.
See you soon friends.
Ystävällisesti / Christer

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