Windy, clouds, rain in the air. Yes, it is normal summer in Sweden. And most of it all it is normal racingweather! Coming weekend holds the Anderstorp ProSuperbike run in the STCC ( SwedishTouringCarChampionship ), and no, I have not had time to test my bikes since last race almost 4 weeks ago. That is not the best of ways to deal with if you are fighting against Swedens fastest racers, but if the bikes are not ready and you aint got no time to test, than that is the case and you have to fact the reality.The team will arrive to Atorp tomorrow and we are all full of hopes for improvement, but at the same time you are a bit concerned about not been able to ride the bikes. We will have one K7, one K6 and of course my own K3 bike with us for the event. Fingers crossed, God bless us all and we will see what we can achieve. My fantastic mechanics are all over the moon again to get in action and I will not let them down again…… I´ve rather crash than make them dissapointed again. But don´t tell them :-)A lot of problems while I was away to the IoM has coursed us problems that just got solved a couple of hours ago. We are running low on tires and some other stuff, but I am getting used to at the moment and it doesn´t bother me a lot.Pier is preparing in Växjö and will arrive tomorrow, Matte will not get many hours of sleep tonight while he must pick up the bikes from DinMC and get some suspension parts from Öhlins. Eilert is painting the fairings at the moment and I am trying to solve some admin problems and logistics. Torvald will be working this weekend by his own and can not join the trip and finally Terje has holiday and is on his way to Croatia.
See you soon.
Best Regards / Christer
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