What a terrible weekend! Everything that could go wrong, went wrong in the second race of the year in the Swedish SBK Championship.
Two days before the race weekend I got a new bike. The bike were not sorted out. The frontfork did not work properly, than the rear shock broke and my mechanics had to work all day and nights to solve the problems for me.
Then in the race, half way through in a disastrous 9th place the right hand handlebar went loose and the race was over.
Luckily I did not crash, but we lost some really important points in the championship.

Now my superb mechanics has to work overtime preparing the bikes till next time I will ride again. All things must be sorted out than!

At this moment I am really disapointed over the weekend and the lost of important points, but I am really impressed over my team!!!
Without guys like Pier, Terje, Mats and Eilert I would not be talking to you anymore. Than I had quit racing and bought my self a fishingboat and went to Atlantic Ocean for a year or two. But these guys brings me hope and they never give up and they are always smiling. Unbeliveble!
Please if you read this, send them a sign in my guestbook, they are the best in the world.

On Friday I will arrive to the Isle of Man for the oncoming TT. Wow, I am really longing for this after all that has happend this season.
It will be nice to meet my team over there and to join them and have some really nice time for a couple of weeks.

Speak to you soon!
Regards / Christer

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