Sorry for not updating my blogg before at this moment. I am really sorry for that, but this last week has been one of the busiest ever. New apartment, new local for the racingteam etc.

But I can tell you that I took 2.nd place in the opening race of the Swedish SBK Championship held in Knutstorp last weekend.
I am normally not happy with second place, but at this time I was that, because of all the problems we had the weekend.
We were struggeling with all types of problems and my qualifing ended in 9th place!! One of my worst results ever!
So we had to find a plan for the race and the solution was…… Use my old Suzuki K3 which I won with in 2003, 2004, 2005.
Ok, it is a really old bike, but I know it really well and had to do something big in changes, and there were nothing more to do, than to make a chance on this bike instead of my brand new K7.

From the start I had to fight from 7th place into first corner and up through the field. The race was held over 28 laps that suited me well with my endurance experience and my feeling on going quick with well used tyres. The plan worked well and in the last 10 laps I moved up from 6th place to 2.nd, just by keeping on pushing and making consistant laptimes, while the others started to struggle.

What can I say? I will tell you that we must work really hard this coming week to find a solution to the chassieproblems with the new bike.
On wednesday we will be at my hometrack in Karlskoga and make some testing and hopefully we will work in right direction, because next race is 3 days later.

Best Regards

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