Glad to be back home again after a 10 day tour around Europe.
Immediately after the cancelled race in Sweden I flew to Jerez in Spain to join the 10th edition of Masterbike. This is the biggest sportbike test of the year where the best 600cc, 750cc and 1000cc bikes will be tested to their limits. And only one bike will be the winner!

I really can not tell you which bike did win the final, but I can tell you some favourites of mine.
Triumph 675 was a small brilliant bike with really nice engine.
The new Yamaha R1 made some impression on me that lasted. But my favourite bike was for sure the new Ducati 1098S. Wow what a nice bike to look at and to ride!

For you guys who do not know about Masterbike I can tell you that 18 journalists from all over the world enticipated.
Names like Randy Mamola ( former 500cc GP rider ), Jurgen Fuchs ( former 250cc GP ) and Stephan Chambon ( VCH in 2001 SSP 600 rider ) + a lot of other well known names made this event to a real race right from the beginning.
You could see that on the first day out on track. There were 4 crashes! A lot of prestige between us riders of course.
But the week was splended and in a short while you will read in your contries motorcycle magazines about the test and the winner.

On Saturday I arrived back to Sweden and went directly to a exhibition in Trollhättan. It was a event called “Bike Dagar” with a lot of fun stuff.
And can you imagine that I had to join a event where I had to set a good lap time on a gocarttrack with a 50cc minibike and people had to try and beat the time set by me.
For me it was a race as everything else in my life and already on my third lap I crashed into the wall and after that even 7 more crashes before I was happy with the time.
At the end of the day with only 20 min left There came a real American boy and beat my time by 0,3 s! Congrats to him and a brand new helmet!

Now there is office stuff to do before next race in the Swedish Champ next weekend.
All my desk is full of invoices, bills, post etc. And the e-mailbox shows 248 new e-mails to check.

Speak to you soon again!

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