Happy Easter to all of you!!

Yesterday me and my friend Eilert took a trip from Karlskoga to Anderstorp ( 550km ) with his Porsche GT3! The reason for the trip was to purchase a Honda Fireblade 929.
I got the favor to drive his car all the way and …… YES it was really fun!
But there are some minor problems when you drive a car like this that has 380 Bhp and a maximum speed on 303 km/h, and gocart steering.
First, the roads and pavement on the Swedish roads are really crap. It feels like you are out on a motorcross track all the time in a car like this.
Second, hmm, how can I say this without saying too much?! Sometimes it can be difficult to drive within the speedlimits. I mean that is not a problem for me, but it can be for somebody else in a car like this.
The acceleration is almost like a motorbike ( not those fastet one, but fast enough ) and the engine is reving really quckly to 7800 rpm and when you change to next gear, it just keeps on reving and screaming.
And that is fun.. even at speeds like…. 90 km/h ( 55mph ) of course!

By the way, my friend has also a KTM 450 E, SAAB 9-5, Volvo 240 and Dodge Challenger Convertible. I think he likes bikes and cars as much as everybody else do?

He will be one of the mechanics this year in the Swedish Championship, so maybe we will arrive in a Porsche to all the races and even join the Porsche Carrera GT3 Cup that will be held the same weekends?
Maybe I should ask him about that? I can drive, if he doesn´t like to drive him self! 🙂

See you soon!

Yours Sincerly

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