Guten Abend meine Freunde

It is nice to be important, but it is more important to be nice!!
Just something in my head that I needed to bring down to words through my fingers.

Pro Superbike is the main RR class in Sweden and that is my main goal this season besides to win at the Isle of Man! ( Just kidding about the IoM, but to be the best newcomer ever is my goal )

Things has changed with the EWC ( Endurance World Championship ) and therefore I must change strategy and mobilise my troops for new missions.
The new mission is to win Pro Prosuperbike series in Sweden and make life difficult for my competitors.
I will race on tracks like, Gelleråsen, Mantorp, Våler, Knutstorp, Anderstorp, Sturup, Falkenberg, instead of Le Mans, Albacete, Magny Cours, Suzuka etc.
But sometimes life aint what you want it to be. The only thing you can do is to deal with the new facts and solve the problems and create a even stronger package for future victories.
And what my father touhgt me, “Things that doesn´t kill you will make you stronger”

On friday I will get the new K7 GSXR from Din MC! This will be my birthday present!
I have also a sparebike prepared and ready to go if necessery. But that is a secret one and just for emergency.
The 22nd of April the first race of the year will held at Sturup, Malmoe.
I am really looking forward to it and can hardly sit still and wait for it.

There will be something common between my races in Sweden and at the IoM. Both teams will be in the colors black as the sin!
The MBR team at the IoM is black and yellow and the Din MC team is blackpainted!

My friends you have to look after #55 in the races in Sweden because it will be me riding the bike.

See you soon.

( My son, Ask for thyself another Kingdom, for that which I leave is too small for thee ) Words from Alexander the Great!


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