Viva La France or Por Favor!

Actually it feels really good to be back home again sleeping in my own bed! It was couple of weeks since I last had the chance to do that.

Last week were spent in France and Val de Vienne for a 3 day test with the Endurance team. The test went really well and aprox 60-70 laps per day were added to this years riding account, with still no crash in the bag.
The weather was not what expected. It was chilly, rain, snow, windy and only 3-5 degrese in the afternoon. So far away from nice spring weather, but we live in a strange world so you can not expect to much even from the weather!

So the last three weeks has brought Isle of Man, Spain and France to the testing account and all three places has had their own project.
I o M and those 16 laps in rental car was really what I needed for my confidence for this years TT.
Spain was about testing tires for the BIKE magazine in Sweden.
France and EWC testing was the last one, and now I will be home back in Sweden for a couple of weeks before next trip will take part.
It will be BRNO in Tjeckoslovakei and the final preparation for the first round in the Swedish SBK Championship.

Yesterday when I came back to my house I could not keep my fingers off my endurobike and had to take a 1,5 h trip at the local endurotrack not far from home.
Yes! It was a great feeling to ride again!!!!

That is what life is all about, riding! At least that is my dedication.
Maybe one day there will be something else, like earning a hell lot of money which can buy me even greater toys like aeroplanes, choppers, fast motorboats and other not userfriendly things that wants to make life hard for me!!! We will have to wait and see what destiny brings!

Ride hard die free!!
Yours Sincerly / Christer

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