Right at the moment I am quite confused! The last month has been pretty busy.
Two trips to the Isle of Man, two trips to Trysil for skiing, a trip to Spain and tomorrow the next one will be for Viva la France. Oh, just forgot the trip to Geneva also a couple of weeks ago!
Besides all the travelling with flights around the Europe, I have spent some hours per day in car travelling around to get all things working with teams and sponsors.
There has not been a single day off from the racing agenda since…. I can´t even remember. But I can not blame anybody else for the situation. I love riding racebikes and for being able to do that I must suffer in life and this is it. I have accepted my destiny!
If I am not doing what I am doing every day, then I can not go racing, and must find something else to do in life and at the moment it is not a option.

Tomorrow the Endurance team will go for a three day test in France. It will be the first shake down test for both men and machine. We will find out if the bikes work properly and get the mechanics up to speed and also the riders. This is a really important test and I am very keen to find out things and those changes that are done to the bikes under wintertime in cold Sweden.
Of course you will have a more detailed report later on.

Oh, just forgot to tell you that my luggage where lost in space on my way back home from the tyretesting session I had last week in Spain. It didn´t show up at Arlanda airport when I did and ofcourse all my riding leathers, helmets and personal stuff was in there.
One hour ago I rang to the Airport and the luggage had arrived, but couldn´t be sent out before 17.00 from Sthlm to Karlskoga. So hopefully I will get it late this evening so I can bring it with me for the next trip tomorrow morning.

Over and out for this time!


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