I am just back home again for some hours before next take off.
The last weekend was spent on the Isle of Man again and this time together with my friend and Manx 2nd place finisher 2006 Mats Nilsson.
We were both invited there by the Mike Hailwood Foundation for learning the course, and guess what! I HAVE LEARNT THE COURSE!!!
Those 286 corners and over 61 km of riding at speeds over 200 mph between houses and fences are now programmed into my head. Sunday morning after we had finished our 2 regular morning laps I went back to bed at the hotel and memorised the whole course through my mind wihtout any doubts anywhere! That is what it is all about! Doing the job and have it well done. Everything is about preparation and as a professional rider you can not trust in luck or shit like that, because there is no luck or bad luck. It is all about doing the hard work for achieving the goals that is in your mind.
I will dedicate this weekend to Mats Nilsson who seemed to be one hell of a teacher! Thank you Mats. And also a thank you to Milky Quale for his effort in telling the secrets round the course.

On Friday we also met my teamboss Martin Bullock and had some really nice dinner and a lot of drinks in the evening ( Soft drinks for us riders )
Sorry for missing the dinner on Saturday with my boss, ( hope the appologise will be accepted ) but we had some important work to do and that was to do more laps round the course! At that point I was still not 100% sure about where to be positioned into ALPINE, and what the lefthander after JOEYS looked like. So Saturday became a long day sitting in our rentalcar Ford Fiesta. We did 13 laps that day!!

The final day Sunday, we also where able to manage to see the first race of the year at Jurby Airfield, and see the bike I am going to ride in the TT this year. It was interesting to watch the race, but more important to see my bike.
Mmm, what a beauty she is! Black and yellow and as sweet as sugar and I will promise you that we will like each other and give all the spectators a lot of good memories in the TT. Specially plenty of nice wheelies wherever it is possible!
It was also nice to meet my mechanic and the other riders in the MBR. Such a great bunch of guys. I am really longing for them all! 🙁

Tomorrow evening I will go for the next trip and this time it will be to Spain and Albacete for some tiretesting.
And the oncoming week I will go to France with the Endurance team for testing the new bikes and get up to speed my self.

So as soon as there will be a computer near me, I will give you some words again!

Christer Miinin

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