British Dunlop vs Italian Pirelli, is the qustion to be asked. What tyres will I be using this season in my racing? 
  Pirelli has made hard work over the winter and big improvements, shown in the WSB racing. The laptimes has been going down with about 1 second from last year and a lot of it is in the new line of rubber from the factory.
  Dunlop we do not know so much about at this moment. But maybe next week I can tell you further more after beeing at a tyretest in Spain for the Swedish motorcyclemagazine BIKE. We all know that Dunlop are outstanding in making raintyres, but it will be interesting to find out if they also has done their homework over the winter.
  The other manufactures the Japanese Bridgestone and French Michelin are also on the market worldwide, but not as common in Sweden. The importers in Sweden doesn´t bother so much about motorcycle racing anyway, so that is a reason for not choose any of these two brands.
  On friday I will make another trip to the Isle of Man together with the silvermedalist from 2006 years Manx GP, Mats Nilsson. We are both invited by the “Mike Hailwood Foundation”.
  It will be a weekend spent in a rental car doing as many laps as possible for the oncoming TT this summer and hopefully the weather will be much better there than it is in Sweden at the moment.

Speak to you all next week………..

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