What if……. I have never tried it!!
That is the title of Valentino Rossis Selfbiografi that I just have read. And what can I say about the book and the person himself as discribed?
   At many parts of the book and some associations in it I can see myself instead of Rossi and I think most of all racers will also feel the same as I did when reading the book.
   For sure we are some strange guys who choose to find our own ways in everything we do and most of the time it is not the easiest path we will follow!
   I can not talk for everybody, but only for my self and I am a seeker who gets nervous about doing the same thing in life more than two days in a row without learning something new!
   I want some challenge and stimualtion as often as possible to feel alive and that must be why I became a racer and motorcyclist! It gives you all the adrenalin pumping in your veins and stimulates your testosteren production which gives you the “kicks” you are lookin for!

Today was another worhtless day here in Sweden. It was about -14 degrees and windy and the snow was falling. You could not go out riding the endurobike!
   So it had to be some working inside house and sponsor hunting instead.
   Some hours by phone and a lot of emails to people around. The only good thing then is that you can listen to the German Quality Heavy Metalband “RAMMSTEIN” while working. DU HAST MICH!

Now I will spend some hours with my bookeeping before I will fall asleep!
    It is quite important to do so sometimes, otherwise you have to ride even faster to get rid of the Taxpolice that will hunt you down and collect your money! 🙁  ( And they will never let you go again )

Cheers for now and goodnight to you all!

/ Christer Miinin

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