Hi friends!

Yesterday it was valentines day, and what happend!? Nothing special! No ladies dancing on the tables nor even a single flower on my pillow 🙁

So I will forget all about Valentines day and talk more about what is going on in the “real” world, of racing of course!
Ever since the 26th of January there has been plenty of business going on in the weekends.
First there was a trip to Norway for skiing for about 3 days, the week after I flew to the Isle of Man for a fantastic weekend of pleasure and on coming racing. Directly after that I went back home again for more work and business!

But I will also tell you that I am doing my learning and exercise every day.
Two laps on the mountain course of TT every day while training on my cycle infront of the telly! ( I will surprise you all at the 100th TT!!! )
And I am also doing the training with my endurobike twice or three times per week.

In march I will go to Spain for some important tyretesting, and for preseason testing for the oncoming Endurance WorldChampionship.

Thanks for your time and Regards to you all!

/ Christer Miinin

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