First of all I would like to congratulate Stiggy Motorsport for their first victory in WSSP! Their rider Joshua Brooks made a fantastic race last weekend at Donington Park when he achieved first place after a hard fighting battle. 
  Great to see that hard work pays off. Stiggy and his great team has working hard for so long, so for sure they deserv this victory!
  Now on I think they will be a great threaten to everybody else on the track, and they have better to watch out for the Swedish team. Hopefully even the Danish rider Robin Harms will have some better luck for the rest of the season so he can show his real potential. 

Some more Silly season talk is that Max Biaggi will be riding for Xerox Ducati Factory team, replacing Bayliss. Bayliss will quit racing. But roumors also whispers that Aprilia will come on into WSBK again and have one of the best riders Biaggi. I cross my fingers for some great future for him a couple of years. There are no one else out there who rides as smooth and nice as Biaggi does! Some guys are faster, but not more nice riding!

See you soon!

Best Regards / Christer 

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