The weather is really not the best at the moment. It is raining all days long and in combination with the oncoming winther period with all shorter daytime it feels really depressing. Hmm, really don´t like this period in the year. Are not sure if it has to do with that the raceseason is also over and in a couple of weeks time also the Moto GP and WSBK season. And after that there is not much interesting twowheel action on Eurosport to kill the days with.
I have been in this business for almost ten years and it has been a great deal of my life and every year at this time I ve got this empty feeling. One season is over and the future is a piece of blank paper. Nothing is written and you really dont know how next season will be.
For sure you know that in your head. All the things you would like to do and how and where you would like to be, but than there is the $$$ aspect and where to find it for all your dreams. Racing costs money and you also need money for surviving from day to day. You have to pay the rent, eat something, have some clothes on your body etc. And above all this racing at top level business costs a hell lot of money.
So, the equation is always hard to solve at this time in year.
In a perfect world where my dreams could come true, I would for sure keep on racing for some more years at international level. And after that I would keep on in the paddock world with my own team in racing and act like a mentor and coach for younger kids and help them achieve their goals and dreams.

See you later on!
Regards / Christer

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